Big Thanks to Our Supportive Community

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Practicing gratitude enhances mental and physical health. At Fairwinds, we are blessed to have much to be grateful for. Despite the ongoing challenges of the pandemic and the commensurate rise in demand for mental health services, our core commitment to serve anyone who needs us, regardless of ability to pay or insurance status, remains firm.

In order to provide our mission without interruption, we rely on donations, grants, and other types of community support.

This year, thanks to a motivational match from our board and your generosity, we raised $148,212 in our annual end-of-year appeal, a 36% increase over last year. Thank you!


What your support means
This level of giving is inspiring, because it comes at just the right time. When the isolation of COVID comes to an end, Fairwinds needs to be ready to meet the anticipated surge in numbers of people seeking professional behavioral health care beyond our current number of clients. Our instincts tell us that this is coming, but the data also support it.

The CDC has announced that from April to October of 2020 there was a 24% increase in mental health crisis ER visits by children from 5 to 11 and a 31% rise for children 12 to 17. Between March and July 2020, the number of Americans who reported the negative effects of the pandemic on their mental health rose from 32% to 53%. Six months later, that number is still rising.

At Fairwinds, we are only beginning to realize the potential scope of suffering. Remote schooling increases the risk for abused and neglected children. Isolation, job loss, and remote work combined with caretaking adds to stresses that adults experience as they are stretched to the breaking point.

Now, more than ever, your grace and generosity are making a profound difference in the lives of so many on Nantucket who rely on us for their mental health and recovery services and are under- and uninsured. Because of you, we remain here for our community at all times. This is our passion, our mission, and our promise.