Emergency Services

In Case of an Emergency

If you or a loved one are facing a life-threatening emergency, please call 911 immediately.

Emergency Mental Health Crisis Response Hotline (877) 784-6273

In collaboration with Nantucket Cottage Hospital and the Nantucket Police Department, a dedicated Emergency Response staff can be reached via Nantucket Mobile Crisis Response, available 24/7 to respond to psychiatric and substance abuse emergencies. The Emergency Service Providers (ESP) provide a mental functioning assessment and evaluation, treatment planning and placement recommendation, stabilization support, and grief counseling where appropriate.

Mobile Crisis Intervention (877) 784-6273

The Mobile Crisis Intervention (MCI) team responds to persons between the ages of 0-20 who are covered by MassHealth insurance and are experiencing a mental health crisis. Mobile Crisis Intervention provides the same services as the Emergency Mental Health Crisis Response detailed above, plus additional stabilization support for a period of up to seven days, as necessary, for the person in crisis and their family. When possible, the goal of this service is to maintain the person safely in their own home and community.

Other Helpful Hotlines

● National Suicide Prevention Lifeline – (800) 273-8255

● Veteran’s Crisis Line – (800) 273-8255

● Youth Crisis Support Free Text 741-741 and type “start”

● Samaritans of Cape Cod and the Islands – (800) 893-9900

● LGBTQ Helpline – (866) 488-7386