Addiction Treatment and Recovery

Peer Recovery Coaching Program at Fairwinds

Peer Recovery coaches promote recovery by serving as a guide and mentor for individuals recovering from alcohol and substance dependence. Peer Recovery coaches empower the people in their personal journey towards recovery by offering hope while providing advocacy, guidance, support, and knowledge.

While Peer Recovery coaches at Fairwinds do not provide clinical services, they often become a very important member of a person’s recovery support network. Recovery coaches help motivate and encourage recovery during times of struggle, and may be called on to support individuals when they are experiencing difficult emotional states.

For more information or if you have any questions, please contact the Fairwinds office directly at (508) 228-2689.

Outpatient Therapy for Addiction

As part of the treatment plan for those with substance use disorders, Fairwinds provides individual evidence-based therapy to support recovery. In therapy, clients learn about their addiction, overcome underlying challenges, develop skills to help them in their recovery, and are supported in finding lasting wellness and sobriety.

Building a Path to Sobriety

We believe in a treatment model that not only helps our clients ease the physical and mental symptoms of addiction, but also provides them with an ongoing recovery plan that is used as a lifelong tool for support and continued renewal and recovery. We can also support the facilitation of Medication-Assisted Therapy (MAT).

Flexible Payment Options

Our number one goal is to help our fellow islanders address mental health and substance misuse challenges when they need it, help them build rewarding and healthy relationships, and establish positive habits and behaviors that will support them throughout life. If you are concerned about the financial commitment to mental health treatment, please know that we offer flexibility in our rates based on financial need. In fact, it’s part of our mission. We invite you to fill out a sliding fee application.