Psychological and Developmental Assessment and Testing

Professional Testing

Proper assessment can be a valuable tool for adults and children. We have two specialists (an MD and a PhD) who provide testing to determine your child’s strengths and challenges, how best to support their learning, and which, if any, treatment or medication protocol is best. If teachers report that your child struggles to focus, has difficulty self-regulating, or is not getting the most out of school, a proper diagnosis may lead to the development of a comprehensive Individualized Educational Plan (IEP) for your child. Fairwinds also offers a wide range of psychological, diagnostic, psycho-educational, and neuro-physical testing and assessments for adults as well.

Here to Help

Our staff has extensive experience providing high-quality, confidential professional treatment that is individualized for each client. We understand that confidentiality and compassion are vital to the creation of trust. We create a safe space in which you can feel comfortable sharing. Confidentiality is mitigated only in emergency situations in which client and/or family safety is at risk.

Flexible Payment Options

Our number one goal is to help our fellow islanders address mental health and substance misuse challenges when they need it, help them build rewarding and healthy relationships, and establish positive habits and behaviors that will support them throughout life. If you are concerned about the financial commitment to mental health treatment, please know that we offer flexibility in our rates based on financial need. In fact, it’s part of our mission. We invite you to fill out a sliding fee application.