Behavioral Health Trainings for Nantucket Clinicians

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Training Institute for Behavioral Health Clinicians on Nantucket

Fairwinds—Nantucket’s Counseling Center Becomes CHI Grant Funded Training Hub 

[Nantucket, MA, April 5, 2022] Fairwinds is launching a behavioral health training institute to offer trainings in the latest evidence-based mental health interventions to clinicians on Nantucket. The trainings will be provided by leading nationally known professionals and organizations. The agency’s goal is to expand the options for behavioral health approaches for islanders by making these trainings completely free for all behavioral health clinicians on Nantucket. Fairwinds’ Clinical Director Amanda Wright says, “This is an exciting opportunity to collaborate with providers to elevate mental health service delivery across the island.”

The training institute is made possible by a generous grant from the Community Health Initiative. Fairwinds will plan, schedule, market, and ensure continuing education credits for the trainings, which are available to LCSWs and LMHCs.

The first two trainings have been scheduled. A one-day training in the Unified Protocol Transdiagnostic treatment of emotional disorders (UP) will take place in June. Focusing on emotional disorders, the UP addresses core procedures and mechanisms from both cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT) and dialectical behavior therapy (DBT).

The second is a two-day eating disorders training in mid-July that will focus on new approaches to eating disorders as developed by the Renfrew Center, one of the leading national organizations in the treatment of these common disorders.

Dr. David H. Barlow, Fairwinds board member and chair of the boards’ clinical committee, and one of the originators of the Unified Protocol will deliver the first workshop along with colleagues from the Center for Anxiety and RelatedDisorders at Boston University. He comments, “This grant-funded initiative promises to be a real game-changer on Nantucket.”

Numerous trainings will be provided over the next two to three years thanks to the CHI grant, deepening evidence-based mental health service delivery at a time when need is high and on the rise.


To learn more about the training institute reach out directly to our clinical department at or to Vanessa Park, Fairwinds Marketing and Communications Director