Director of Outpatient & Community Based Services

Rachel Meriwether, LCSW, LICSW


Rachel Meriwether, LCSW, LICSW, is a dedicated licensed clinical social worker and psychotherapist, specializing in diverse and inclusive mental health care. Based on Nantucket Island year-round, Rachel has a wealth of experience spanning various clinical and social justice roles. Most recently she served as the Lead Clinician and Clinical Supervisor at Effective School Solutions on Nantucket, in close collaboration with Nantucket Public Schools to implement culturally inclusive mental health programs, provide individual and group therapy for at-risk students, and facilitate family and caregiver support. Rachel's commitment to mental health and community based practice extends beyond Nantucket, having served in psychotherapist, clinical supervisor, social service, and advocacy roles in and around Chicago, IL, and New Orleans, LA  for over a decade. Previously, Rachel contributed significantly to social justice efforts as a Mitigation Specialist and Forensic Social Worker, advocating for fair sentencing and conducting mitigation investigations in both state and federal cases. With a Master of Social Work from DePaul University and additional certifications in Acceptance & Commitment Therapy, diversity training, and Trauma Informed Care, Rachel brings a rich blend of clinical expertise and social consciousness to her work, striving to create meaningful change in individuals and communities alike.

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