Front Office Administrator & Therapeutic Mentor

Cailynn Patnaude


Cailynn Patnaude is a versatile professional with a background in hospitality and empowering individuals to achieve their utmost potential. From Martha's Vineyard to her current residence, Cailynn's journey has been marked by a passion for service and a commitment to mental health advocacy. With a background spanning New Hampshire, Arizona, and Colorado, she has honed her skills in customer service and therapeutic support. Growing up among six siblings, Cailynn learned the value of teamwork and communication. Whether playing sports or by the ocean's edge, she finds solace and inspiration in the beauty of the beach—a reminder of the importance of balance and tranquility in life. In her role as a Therapeutic Mentor and Front Office Administrator at Fairwinds, Cailynn blends her diverse experiences to create meaningful connections and empower individuals on their journey to wellness. With a heart dedicated to helping others, she continues to make a positive impact in the realm of mental health, driven by her dedication and compassion.

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