Dear Island Friends and Neighbors,

Welcome to our new website. You’ve probably noticed… we also have a new name! Formerly Family & Children’s Service of Nantucket County, Inc (FCSN), we are pleased to announce our new name, Fairwinds – Nantucket’s Counseling Center.

Our new name, Fairwinds, represents the hope of smoother sailing through rough waters; it reflects our passion for helping our clients to feel empowered to make positive life decisions. For us, as well as for our clients, it denotes a fresh start—one of calm seas and supporting winds brought about by clarity of direction.

While our name is new, our committment to providing high-quality professional and confidential mental health and therapeutic addiction services for individuals and their families has not changed since our inception in 1962.

At Fairwinds we understand the difficulties our clients experience navigating through their busy lives. Managing and coping with stress and daily struggles can seem overwhelming and insurmountable. We have developed a team of qualified, caring professionals to address the needs of our clients and serve as an objective ear of support, providing helpful ideas. We recognize the courage and fortitude our clients exhibit on a daily basis and we are honored that they have placed their trust in us.

If you are experiencing challenges, while it may seem like it at times, you are certainly not alone. According to the National Alliance for the Mentally Ill, approximately 26% of our nation is living with a diagnosable mental health disorder. These individuals and their families also face the stigma associated with mental illness. Too often the news demonstrates our society’s desperate need to openly embrace and treat those suffering with mental illness as we would individuals diagnosed with high cholesterol, diabetes and arthritis. Fairwinds is proud to provide a broad spectrum of services to assist those in need so that together as a community we can help eliminate the stigma of mental illness and create a healthier and safer generation.


Fairwinds – Nantucket’s Counseling Center