The Power of Giving Tuesday

Posted on: November 11, 2020 at 11:54 am by Director

Giving Tuesday (1)Imagine a world where radical generosity on a massive scale was the norm.

Since 2012, that kind of giving has happened every year on the first Tuesday after Thanksgiving. Fairwinds, and countless other non-profits the world over, benefit from that generous spirit.

Last year, 1.97 billion dollars was raised by non-profits around the world on Giving Tuesday, a social-media-driven global day of giving.

The impact of this day of philanthropy has increased every year since its inception in 2012. In its first year, $10 million was raised. That means there’s been a nearly 2000% increase in only 7 years.

The precedent set by Giving Tuesday is an inspiration to all of us.

giving tuesday map27 million people participated last year. What kind of magic can happen this year? As one of the most challenging years any of us can remember comes to a close, what will people’s response be to Giving Tuesday 2020?

Insecurity, fear, and personal challenges abound, but the spirit that defines us is so often one of joy and hope and kindness. At Fairwinds, we choose to see the world through that lens whenever possible.

Fairwinds will be participating in Giving Tuesday again this year, as a kick-off to our annual appeal. If you see our social media posts, please share them. If you want to include us in your Giving Tuesday plans, our gratitude will be enormous. Your generosity will contribute to our ability to provide vital behavioral health services to everyone, regardless of ability to pay, and at a time when need is on the rise.

But whatever you do, consider participating in what may be the greatest day of giving yet: December 1, 2020. Be part of the solution.

PS Look for our giving link in all our social media posts on 12/1/20!




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