Young Students

TestingIs your child experiencing difficulty in school?  Does your child’s teacher comment that he or she has trouble focusing or is persistently daydreaming?  While these are certainly common themes discussed in parent/teacher conferences, testing can assist in identifying the source of your child’s current challenges. Where appropriate, a diagnosis will facilitate the development of a comprehensive and individualized educational plan (IEP) for your student.


Is your teenager having social or behavioral difficulties at home or at school?  Testing can be very useful in pinpointing the issues involved and help develop an effective treatment based on the individual’s strengths.


For adults experiencing problems at work or home, testing and assessment can assist in the development of an appropriate therapeutic treatment. Fairwinds offers a wide range of psychological, diagnostic, psycho-educational and neuro-psychological testing and assessment for all age groups.

Here to Help

Our staff has extensive experience in providing high-quality professional and confidential treatment in a way that fits each individual’s unique situation. We understand the importance of establishing trust and confidentiality in order to create an environment of openness. Our goal is to create a safe space in which you can feel comfortable sharing. In the case of minors living at home with parents or guardians, confidentiality is tempered only with the constraints of client and family safety.