Sarah Chotkowski, LISCW:


Outpatient Therapy

Sarah Chotkowski is a licensed independent clinical social worker who has worked for Fairwinds since September of 2014. She earned a Bachelor of Arts from Hampshire College where she studied psychoanalytic psychotherapy, military sociology, and queer and feminist theory. She earned her Master of Social Work degree from the Smith College School for Social Work. Her master’s thesis was written about racism in the military. Sarah’s training as a therapist is rooted in psychoanalytic theory, which focuses on understanding how past experiences shape future behavior. She currently practices Cognitive Behavioral therapy, which is rooted in the idea that if you can change what you think, you can change the way you feel. Before working at Fairwinds, Sarah worked as a domestic violence crisis counselor for five years, as well as in a partial hospital program for people with serious and persistent mental illness, the substance abuse day program, and the psychiatric emergency room of the VA hospital in New Haven, CT. Sarah is passionate about the intersection of social work policy, law, and clinical practice. She is currently the manager of Social Services at Nantucket Cottage Hospital and continues to work for Fairwinds on a part-time basis.