Comprehensive Medication Management

Medication ManagementBecause medications are involved in 80%  of all treatment plans, and therefore impact virtually every aspect of a patient’s life, it is a critical element of our services. Our team is trained to provide the right tools and age-appropriate information for adolescents, adults, and the aging population on how comprehensive medication management can best be integrated.

To ensure our patients’ complete well-being, our Medication Management services cover several aspects of medication use including:


Today, prescription drugs come in a wide range of forms other than oral. Thus, each requires a specific administrative regimen in order to ensure maximum effectiveness and minimal side effects

Adverse Effects

While all medicines have their side effects, some are more common. We always consider possible side effects when managing client medicine.


Our trained professionals are extremely cognizant of the appropriate policies and procedures which are designed to ensure that medicines are used in accordance with Quality Use of Medicines (QUM) principles and relevant legislation.