Family Services

Family TherapyThe focus of family therapy is to consider the goals of the family as a whole.  Once this has been completed the clinician will assist the family in creating their family goals and desired outcomes. Throughout the course of treatment, the clinician will facilitate the processes of communication, skills building, and boundary setting. Other therapeutic tools and treatment modalities will help the family build on their identified strengths as a way of successfully reaching the conclusion of family therapy.

We offer both group and individual counseling sessions to better accommodate our clients’ needs. By providing multiple treatment options we are able to better formulate an individualized plan that will help you begin the healing process.

Flexibility in Scheduling

A commitment to counseling—demonstrated by consistent attendance—is foundational to success of the program. However, our organization realizes that each of our patients have busy lives that they must navigate, and that there will be times when you may need to miss a session. If you are unable to make an upcoming session we ask that you please call ahead at least two hours before your appointment. While always a last resort, repeated absences may result in discontinuation of service, as it demonstrates a lack of commitment to recovery and renewal.

The Goal

Our mission is to help you through whatever struggles you are currently going through. This requires flexibility on our part to better enable our counseling sessions to fit seamlessly into your busy life. To discuss possible appointment times as well as appointment frequency, we ask that you please fill out the Contact Us Today form on the right. Someone will be in touch with you shortly to discuss scheduling.