Fairwinds Waiting List a Thing of the Past? We Hope So!

Posted on: August 30, 2019 at 12:44 pm by Director


The chronic waiting lists that Fairwinds is so well known for seem to be rapidly diminishing. Most of them at least. We have the extreme pleasure of being able to spread the news far and wide that we can increase our numbers of outpatient therapy, developmental testing, and In-Home Therapy (IHT), also known as Family Stabilization Team (FST).


IHT or In-home Therapy as it is called by Mass Health/FST or Family Stabilization Team as it is called by all the other private insurers, is designed to provide wrap-around care in the home setting with the entire family. It also includes intensive school and community collaboration. This intensive family therapy is focused around a child identified with serious emotional disturbance across domains (in school, after school, at home). If a child is at risk of having to leave the home or island to receive needed care elsewhere, IHT is a wonderful alternative as it helps protect the family unit. This service is covered by all insurance—public and private.

Developmental testing at Fairwinds is done by Dr. Dianne Coscia our developmental behavioral pediatrician. When a child is properly diagnosed early, he or she can receive the services, medication, treatment, remediation—whatever is needed to mitigate or minimize the effects of the developmental delays including mental health issues, effects that are invariably long term or even lifelong if left untreated. A child with PTSD often presents in similar ways to a child with ADHD—but the treatment for each is completely different. Without a proper handle on exactly what is going on, a child cannot be helped. These services are available and referable by schools or parents/guardians.

Although we still have a waiting list for non-English speakers and people with Blue Cross/Blue Shield insurance, our myriad lines of outpatient services—including therapy for individuals, couples, families, and siblings and substance misuse counseling—are much more accessible as the summer of 2019 comes to an end. We have a staff of highly qualified masters and PhD level clinicians who treat depression, anxiety, eating disorders, panic disorders, PTSD, ADHD, and more. We also have two licensed drug and alcohol counselors. If you just need to speak to someone once or a few times, come visit our free, insurance-blind walk-in clinic (evenings M-F first come first served) where you will speak to a highly qualified mental health professional.

Our goal, as always, is to reach the people on the island who need help now. We are thrilled to be able to take on more clients now, before winter sets in.

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