Couples Programs

Couples TherapyCouples often struggle to have productive conversations, and have difficulty viewing situations through their partner’s eyes. Our therapists help identify the unproductive patterns of communication that are creating barriers, and present alternative approaches that help couples gain a deeper understanding of their partner’s needs and how to best meet those needs.


Our staff has extensive experience in providing high-quality professional treatment in a way that addresses each individual’s specific needs. Rest assured that your counselor will keep all meetings confidential and that our space is a safe one in which you can feel comfortable sharing.

Flexibility in Scheduling

We understand that emotional distress, mental health, and relationship strain can vary greatly in severity. Our staff will often make recommendations for your frequency of appointments and how much counseling we think is necessary, but it is ultimately your decision. We would love to work with your schedule to find the days and times that fit best into your life. Our mission is to help you through whatever struggles you are currently going through, and we accept that this requires flexibility on our part to better enable our counseling sessions to fit seamlessly into your busy life. To discuss possible appointment times as well as appointment frequency, we ask that you please fill out a Contact Us Today form on the right. Someone will be in touch with you shortly to discuss scheduling.


Our number one goal is to help our fellow islanders with their current mental and emotional state of health and to help them build rewarding and healthy relationships. If you need help with finances, please know that we are willing to provide flexibility in our rates. We invite you to fill out a sliding fee application so that we may further assess your eligibility for a reduction in service cost.

The Goal

The goal of couples therapy is not to determine the outcome for the couple — that is the choice of the couple. Rather it is to help the couple reach the desired outcome in their relationship in a healthy and respectful way.