At Fairwinds we believe strongly in the goodness of this island community. During Covid-19, numerous businesses and non-profits and all the people who work for them, have gone above and beyond to keep the island running smoothly, happily, healthily. Workers at essential and front-line businesses have put their commitment to Nantucket front and center. We see them, and we are thankful for them. And the love flows both ways. Most of our partners in this project have sent us beautiful gratitude right back.

We also understand that gratitude, and the sharing of gratitude, can create and improve mental and physical health. In an article in Psychology Today, seven benefits of gratitude are listed–enhanced and expanded relationships, improved physical health, improved psychological health, increased empathy which connects to reduced aggression, better sleep, increased self-esteem, and greater mental resilience.

Our Gratitude Project is ongoing on social media but we want to highlight it here as well for those who visit our website. We will update this page regularly. Enjoy!

Landmark House

LandmarkHouse_IMG_1764Fairwinds warmly thanks Landmark House for their tender, careful, thoughtful, professional, incredible work with our most treasured elder population, uniquely vulnerable in numerous ways during a pandemic. Thank you, thank you, thank you to Executive Director Ella B. Finn, RN and Landmark House for what you do every day.

We are also grateful to be always available to Landmark House and for Ella Finn’s kind words: “In these most unsettling times, it is a comfort to know that Fairwinds is ready to assist my residents should the need arise. They offered many ways to support anybody who may be struggling with isolation due to the stay-at -home orders put in place by the governor of Massachusetts. Their availability and flexibility is most reassuring, today and every day.” (6.25.20)



Espresso to Go/Fast Forward

EspresssoToGo-_FINALAll of us at Fairwinds are not the only people full of gratitude for Espresso to Go! The folks at the delightful shop with fab coffee and delish treats did something special during the time of Covid. They decided to keep Nantucket drivers happy with baked treats, dropping boxes and snack bags off to bus drivers, garbage truck drivers, delivery drivers, and also the Steamship and Hyline staffs and others… As owner Terri Dion says, doing this was their “small way to thank them for keeping our world going while so much was shuttered.”

In this fantastic photo are: Terri Dion (owner), Buddy Dion (owner), LeeJay Hurley, Michelle Derr, Shirley Jershalimi, and Anna Ray.

The feelings seem to be mutual, because the Dions told Fairwinds: “We are so lucky to have a dedicated organization that helps our community navigate these difficult times. Stress comes in many forms and Fairwinds helps keep the ship afloat.” (6.19.20)

Nantucket Postal Service

Postal Service_IMG_1797Rain? Snow? Sleet? Pandemic? Nothing slows down the Nantucket Postal Service. (Well, maybe wind, sometimes, but it’s not their fault the ferry gets cancelled!) Fairwinds is so grateful to the post office here on Nantucket for getting our mail to us, and everyone else on Nantucket, without fail. Thank you USPS! Pictured here: Sabrina Wallace, Clerk, Rita Nakarmi, Supervisor, Keisha Kelly, Carrier, Jonathan Janov, Carrier, Jorge Jimenez, Carrier, and Regan Clark, Postmaster

Postmaster Regan Clark told us: “Thank you for the opportunity to participate in The Fairwinds Gratitude Project. Fairwinds is so very helpful to the ones on Nantucket who need help, especially right now through this pandemic. Thank you for letting the Post Offices here on Island help spread the word in helping others whatever the cause.” (6.18.20)


Downeyflake_IMG_1975-EditThere is nothing more comforting, uplifting, and rewarding than a meal (or snack, or second dessert) at the Downyflake. The #FairwindsGratitudeProject would like to say thank you to the folks who make sure Nantucket is well-supplied with the most delicious comfort food anywhere Owners Patty Kennedy and Ron Oldham think of their staff as family—a close-knit team that pulls together no matter what. We are grateful for the Downyflake and crew! Pictured here: Chef Ron Oldham, with his curbside team: Liseth, Andrea & Rosie

Patty Kennedy tugged hard at our heartstrings with this note: “We have an immense heartfelt appreciation for the many times that our staff members have been able to reach out for support from Fairwinds. We have seen staff, who we deeply cherish, completely turn their lives around from this support. On a personal note, I am thinking back to those dark and discouraging days of this past Nantucket spring during this very scary pandemic. Quarantined on an island thirty miles out to sea, and far away from loved ones who needed my help, my troubled spirits would lift when running across the supportive posts from Fairwinds on Instagram. These posts would give my spirit a ”jump start” for the day. On behalf of myself, my partner Ron, and all of our staff here at the Downyflake, thank you members of the Fairwinds team for all of your professional dedication through the years, and for the spectacular way you have adapted your organization during the pandemic to help keep Nantucket spirits positive and healthy.” (6.17.20)


DPWFairwinds wants to thank the Nantucket Department of Public Works for the heroic work they do all year round, and they certainly are not to be put off by a pandemic. The DPW is busy operating, maintaining, and improving Nantucket’s critical assets like public roads/bridges, sidewalks & multi-use paths, public shade trees, parks, playgrounds & fields, municipal buildings & facilities, vehicle and equipment fleet, storm water drainage systems, public parking lots, signs and pavement markings, beaches, solid waste/recycling program, landfill, household hazardous waste program, mosquito control program, accessibility services, snow/ice operations, cemeteries, and special events. (That is A LOT.)

Names in this fun, fab photo, from left to right as follows: Peter McColl, Mike Egan, Aaron Kane, Ralph Thompson, Ray Sylvia. Dale Gary, Nicky Duarte, Ian Lewis, Richard Moore, Ryan Clarke, Rob McNeil, Scott Williams, Ken Apthorp, Stephen Arceneaux, Paul Berard, Rich Thomas, Vanesha Williams, Don Whittaker, and Mark Voigt.

Rob McNeil, Public Works Director, had this to say about the DPW/Fairwinds partnership: “For years, Fairwinds has provided Nantucket DPW with educational trainings regarding various mental-health related topics that are important to our staff and to our island community. These include work-related stress, substance abuse and recovery, suicide prevention, domestic abuse, and healthy relationships. The Fairwinds staff is great at listening and fostering meaningful workplace discussions that help keep our hard-working staff focused on serving our community. Covid-19 has brought special challenges to our community and to our DPW Team. The tools that we have learned through Fairwinds have allowed us to weather this new challenge and to keep going despite these uncertain times. Fairwinds remains an important partner of Nantucket DPW and of our island community.” (6.16.20)

Nantucket Cottage Hospital

NCH_IMG_1939-EditFairwinds cannot miss this opportunity to thank the Nantucket Cottage Hospital, a clear frontrunner for our Gratitude Project for its immediate and consistent rising-to-the-occasion of COVID-19. Why is everyone at NCH a superhero? Because of their tireless work in strategizing how to meet island needs and provide testing and data-tracking. Also…their can-do handling of our entire island health system ensuring that those seeking well-care and treatment for COVID and non-COVID ailments alike receive it. And much more. Thank you to everyone at NCH even though only four of you could be in our photo! Those four are: Tansheka Edwards, Haley Joslin, Peggy Kohan, Amanda Bidlack and Sarah Munsen, representing the Emergency Department, the Nantucket Cottage Medical Group, Patient Access, and Social Services.

At Fairwinds, we love and value our partnership with the hospital to help people on Nantucket. And according to Sarah Munsen, “Nantucket Cottage Hospital appreciates the work that Fairwinds – Nantucket’s Counseling Center does to help keep the community safe and healthy during these unprecedented times.  Now, more than ever, we recognize the importance of mental health services and celebrate the work Fairwinds has done to adapt to providing services creatively and with their trademark compassion and thoroughness.” (6.12.20)


Crosswinds_IMG_1952The #FairwindsGratitudeProject would love to acknowledge the awesomeness of Crosswinds Restaurant. They have been providing us with comfort food from the beginning with efficient and friendly curbside service. Thank you so much to Larry, Crosswinds manager, Dawn, Suzette, Tiffany (pictured here) and the rest of the Crosswinds family!
Thank you, too, to Larry for these words of support: “We greatly appreciate the contribution that Fairwinds makes to the people of Nantucket by providing a source of supportive, professional behavioral healthcare, especially in these incredibly unique and difficult times. Your services have never been more needed than now. Keep up the great work and we are always willing to help out any way we can.” (6.10.20)

Saltmarsh Senior Center

Saltmarsh-IMG_1823Today Fairwinds wants to thank the Saltmarsh Senior Center without whom Nantucket’s seniors would not have been as plugged in to all the services available to them during quarantine. They also partnered with Sandbar/or, The Whale and the Nantucket Fund Emergency Relief Food Initiative to keep people connected to meals. Nantucket depends on the Saltmarsh all the days of the year. Thank you! Pictured here are Taylor D. Hilst, Human Services Director and Laura Stewart, Program Coordinator. Taylor and Laura told us: “We’d like to thank Fairwinds clinicians and paraclinicians for all they are doing to help our community right now. They have risen to this unprecedented occasion and we are very grateful. No man is an island—it truly does take a village!” (6.9.20)

Nantucket Food Pantry

Food Pantry_IMG_1906Fairwinds thanks the Nantucket Food Pantry for their compassionate work in addressing food insecurity on the island. They work so hard all year round and have adjusted to pandemic circumstances brilliantly.Pictured here: Yeshe Palmo, manager, Regina Zisner, Lucie Cristler, Sheila Harroll, Kelly Steffan, and Jen Dunbar. Thank you to Yeshe Palmo for these kind words: “The Nantucket Food Pantry is happy to partner with Fairwinds—Nantucket’s Counseling Center. We know that many of our clients have a place that they can rely on in Fairwinds to help with mental health and substance misuse issues for themselves and their families.” (6.8.20)


Pi Pizza

Pi Pizzeria_IMG_1933Fairwinds Gratitude Project continues as we hope to spread the healing power of gratitude across Nantucket during such challenging times. Today we call forth gratitude for the folks at Pi Pizzeria who keep the woodfires burning so that comfort flows to stomachs and hearts all around Nantucket with their friendly and efficient curbside delivery. They did not miss a beat.
This picture of the Pi team includes: Kelsey Simpson, Katie Niebs, Evan Marley (proprietor), Krishna Khatri, Maria Marley (proprietor), Greer McIntyre, Elisabetta DiPasquale, Patrick CustardWe thank Maria for these kind words: “We are so honored to collaborate with Fairwinds on this special project! Fairwinds represents the very essence of community, as they remain a constant in offering their help and guidance, as we tread through these tricky waters together. As we at Pi continue to nourish the community through warm food, Fairwinds continues to nourish the community through warm hearts and helping hands. We are forever grateful. Thank you! To ask for help is not a sign of weakness, it is a sign of humanness.” (6.5.20)

Wicked Island Bakery

WickedIslandBakery_IMG_1925Fairwinds wants to warmly thank Wicked Island Bakery during this turbulent, scary time. This small, locally owned business has gone out of its way to help feed Nantucket during this time of social isolation. During this pandemic, they partnered with Sherri Hunt at Elder Service of Nantucket’s Meals on Wheels and Sydney Fee from Henry Juniors. Henry Jrs had a large amount of deli meat that would expire before they would ever be able to reopen, so they brought it to the staff of Wicked Island Bakery, where the staff sliced and bagged over 40 pounds of roasted turkey. Chef Ben then baked over 40 loaves of a whole wheat sandwich loaf. The result? Meals on Wheels delivered 40 “lunch packs” to Nantucket’s most vulnerable population during this pandemic with the collaboration of three local groups. That’s how it’s done when good people do good works. They continue to share their delicious, from-scratch baked goods with the island. Pictured here: Heather (owner), Ben, Amelia, Marina, and Becky.
The gratitude goes both ways, as Heather had this to say about Fairwinds: “Fairwinds has always been an important part of this community, but now more than ever. As our small community navigates this pandemic, many are ‘staying home’ to save lives, but it comes at the cost of real human interaction and touch (a simple hand shake or hug). It doesn’t matter if you live in a spacious house on the cliff, or share a small apartment with several others, care is care. Team Wicked is grateful to know as we face every day changes to our norm, Fairwinds is there should anyone on our team need it.” (6.4.20)

The Beet

Charles KushnerWe are proud to send a shout-out to The Beet Nantucket, to thank them for never flagging in their
efforts to keep healthy, curbside food available on Nantucket from day one of our lock-down. They also partnered with A Safe Place and the Nantucket Emergency Food Relief Initiative to get meals to many people who can use a helping hand. Pictured here are co-owners Amy Young and Felino Samson, who is also the chef. Amy said, “Thank you Fairwinds for keeping our community healthy, mentally and emotionally. Providing mental health support and resources, especially during these trying times, makes your team true front-line heroes.” (6.1.20)

Nantucket Pharmacy

Nantucket Pharmacy_IMG_1835Welcome to Friday’s installment of #FairwindsGratitudeProject! Today we are showing our thanks to Nantucket Pharmacy for keeping our island connected to needed supplies and vital medications via safe and secure curbside pick-up.
In this picture: Allan Bell, owner, Ken Knutti, and Joanne Skokan.  Allen Bell sent us an email to say: “Fairwinds has always served the Nantucket Community.  As other sectors of Nantucket have eliminated or greatly diminished mental health services, Fairwinds has held steady no matter what. Their services are now needed more than ever
with the social isolation accompanying COVID-19.” (5.29.20)

Mid-Island Stop & Shop

Stop & Shop_IMG_1791 (1)Fairwinds likes spreading gratitude because gratitude is very good for you! It reduces depression, increases overall health, and rewires the brain in positive ways. Today our gratitude goes out to mid-island Stop & Shop! During COVID-19 the team at Stop & Shop has never faltered in their essential work to be sure our island is fed. Thank you mid-island Stop & Shop! In this super fun and playful picture: Patricia Molloy-Brorup (Assistant Manager), Geraldine Cobb, Richard Stravato, Alyshia Barron, Jean Connor, George Morton (Assistant Manager), Steven Prattico, and Thomas Covino.
Assistant Mgr. George Morton wrote us a lovely email that said, “Fairwinds has been there for Stop & Shop since the beginning. Through this pandemic you have continually provided information about the resources available to associates and the community. We are happy to participate with Fairwinds in calling attention the work done by essential employees on our island.” (5.28.20)


HyLine_IMG_1848Today we want to highlight the Hyline in our #fairwindsgratitudeproject . The team at the Hyline, including those in the picture and those who couldn’t be, is doing a valiant job keeping our connection to the mainland safe and steady. We are so grateful for their essential work and cheerful, supportive service. Pictured here: Ochand Lee, Stan Dochev, Thea Marrett, Steve Blackman, Emma Gauthier, and Liz Holland. Manager

We want to thank Liz for her incredibly insightful comments about Nantucket and Fairwinds’ role on the island: “We are so incredibly lucky to have Fairwinds in our community! At the onset of the coronavirus when it was clear that there would be a huge change in our routines and freedom to stay safe and keep well, I realized the impact on our community was going to be huge. I was just as worried about people’s mental health quite honestly as I was of the virus, especially living on Nantucket. With the psychology of fear which can manifest itself differently in each individual, as well as severe economic issues for everyone on the island, people are having a tough time. We are very fortunate to have the group at Fairwinds to help us through this. We applaud the job that they are doing and appreciate their VERY important work on the front line! THANK YOU!” (5.27.20)

Geronimo’s/Cold Noses Pet Services
Charles KushnerEveryone at Fairwinds has such huge gratitude for all our island neighbors and the hard work they are doing on Nantucket during COVID-19. Today our gratitude goes out to Geronimo’s Pet Supplies! They quickly saw the need on Nantucket for fur babies to get the supplies they need, despite sheltering in place. So they decided to start delivering, both curbside and “to your door.” What a service! Geronimo’s and Cold Noses Pet Services is doing a great job. Pictured here: owners, Maggie and Martina, and Cindy, Catherine, Teddy, and Nevena.Martina’s words of support and gratitude for Fairwinds had a powerful impact on all of us. “If you have never had to hold your own hand to remind yourself that you are here and you matter, you should consider yourself lucky! If you have never endured pain that seems to be unrelatable or hard to explain, you should consider yourself lucky! If you however are like most of us and have endured such, you know the importance of support. The kind that lifts you up but also listens in a way that no other can – no friend, no parent, no partner. The kind that doesn’t judge or suggest, the help that guides you through the rocky ride, no matter how tough the waters are. No gender, no race, no social status stands in the way of Fairwinds and their patients – all you get is exactly what you need, support that knows no boundaries or borders. We are all so lucky to have Fairwinds by our side – yesterday, today, and tomorrow! Now of all times, we all need the help and support of the silent front liners of Fairwinds – and from the bottoms of our hearts, we thank you for all you do!” (5.26.20)

Nantucket Island Safe Harbor for Animals
Charles KushnerFairwinds wants to spread gratitude for the hard work being done here on Nantucket during COVID-19 by so many people. Today we thank NISHA for giving safe harbor to our vulnerable animals while they find them forever homes! NISHA rocks! The humans and dogs in this fabulous, fun photo are Andrea Morris with Jaxon and Diesel, Jessica Sosebee, Officer Gale, Grace Holt with Cleo, Stacey Ferris with Clifford.

NISHA executive director Jessica Sosebee told us: “Fairwinds is an anchor for our community. I know personally how hard their clinicians work to be there for every person needing help no matter the day or time, all year round. As the director of a non-profit working to help animals in need, I know that there is often overlap between our organizations. If someone is struggling and has a pet, most likely the pet is at risk as well. We rely on Fairwinds to help us make those connections. Nantucket is fortunate to have a resource such as Fairwinds. Our community is stronger because of their dedication and compassion.” (5.22.20)

Faregrounds Restaurant

Faregrounds_IMG_1899Fairwinds thanks Faregrounds Restaurant for keeping their kitchen cranking and for partnering with Fairwinds and the Nantucket Emergency Relief Food Initiative. They are an amazing team of hardworking, caring people and we are SO PROUD to be their partners!  Fairwinds wants to spread gratitude for the hard work being done here on Nantucket during COVID-19 by so many people. Pictured here are: Bill and Kim Puder, owners, Stephanie, Grace, Paul, Conner, Jeff, Alicia, and Jarrett.
Faregrounds recently sent us this moving testimonial: “It has been our honor to have worked with The Fairwinds during our community shut down. They are an amazing group of people who have put themselves out in front to help members of the community during these turbulent times.  As social distancing became the norm, they were still able to reach out to anyone who needed them. Fairwinds is a very caring and giving organization and we are very fortunate have them as part of our community. Fairwinds will always be there for you, Nantucket. They are just a phone call away.” (5.21.20)

The Nantucket Hotel

Charles KushnerFairwinds thanks The Nantucket Hotel for providing back-up to the Nantucket Cottage Hospital and for partnering with the Boys and Girls Club and the Nantucket Community Foundation Fund for Emergency Food Relief.
Our Fairwinds photographer Robin London had so much fun snapping these pix of The Nantucket team, listed here: Jamie Holmes, Ernie Roy, Matt Miller, Uje Gantogtokh, Amy VanderWolk, Nicole Miller, Wayne Brown, Winston Archibald, Chef Albert Cannito, Richie Benoit, Kenroy Dillon, Ellen Skeeter, Dennis Benoit.
Fairwinds wants to spread gratitude for the hard work being done here on Nantucket during COVID-19 by so many people. General manager Jamie Holmes told us: “The ladies and gentlemen of The Nantucket Hotel thank the wonderful and caring team at Fairwinds for all that they are doing during a very intense and trying time. You guys rock all the time and your extra efforts to help the community during the Covid crisis is so much appreciated. We value our partnership with Fairwinds and it caring team of professionals.” (5.20.20)

Bartlett’s Farm 

Bartlett's_IMG_1773Fairwinds thanks Bartlett’s Farm for keeping the island fed safely with curbside pick-up and a cheerful, helpful team of wonderful employees. We want to spread gratitude and acknowledge the hard work being done here on Nantucket by so many people. Pictured here: John Bartlett (CEO), Callaghan Bartlett (Cashier Supervisor), Keegan Bartlett (Online Sales and Marketing Manager), David Shepard, Stephanie Guzman-Garcia, Alana Macey, Mira Jube, Gina Simmons, Tahlia Francis, MJ Mojer, Jerome Green, Alison MacDonald, Nick Delacruz, Luke Brucher, Robert Bechtold, David Winking, Henry Flanagan, Heather Nardone, Cassius Walcott, Kat Robinson, Brett Lancaster, Kaitlyn O’Konis, Gabby Macallister, Matt Notarangelo, Kim Tew, Leah Mojer, Nadine McLeish-Dyer, Charlotte Groseclose, Asher Fore, Lisa Wilson.

We thank Bartlett’s Farm for their recent note of support: “Bartlett’s Farm is a proud supporter of Fairwinds Counseling Center. Fairwinds provides comprehensive mental health services to our island community, which is especially important during this trying time of uncertainty and social isolation. Bartlett’s Farm and its extended family appreciates everything Fairwinds does for all island residents and visitors alike.” (5.18.20


Charles KushnerFairwinds thanks Annye’s Whole Foods for keeping our island safely supplied with food and other healthy, needed items with curbside pick-up. Their team of amazing hardworking and friendly employees is the best. We want to spread gratitude for the hard work being done here on Nantucket during COVID-19 by so many people.
Pictured here: Annye, Maria, Chris, Michele, and Mandy. We also want to thank Annye Camara for these kind words: “I am so grateful that we have this team of caring, dedicated, and professional counselors at Fairwinds to help us navigate this challenging time!” (5.18.20)