2020 Vision

Posted on: January 10, 2020 at 10:41 am by Director

When a new year comes attached to its very own new decade, it’s a good time to take stock.

Seeing clearly. IMG_1283

Look around with the new glasses you started wearing on January 1—the 2020 glasses of clear vision! That’s what we’re doing here at Fairwinds—Nantucket’s Counseling Center. This is a great time to decide what works… and what doesn’t. “We’ve always done it that way” is not the most accurate assessment tool.

At Fairwinds, we are looking clearly at all aspects of our operation, from our offices to the way we do things and bravely stewarding in a season of change.

Envisioning positive change. 

Change can be scary, but it is usually a great opportunity for growth. Sometimes change is outside our control, sometimes we create it deliberately and methodically, and sometimes we take a plunge into radical transformation! In whatever way change is happening for you, use your 2020 glasses to see how you can learn from it, and grow.

IMG_1284Here at the agency we are experiencing change—and more importantly embracing and creating it. For us, the changes are in staffing (some departures and several new hires), office space (we are spiffing up, not moving!), and processes and systems (upgrade and streamline!).

There will be absolutely no change in patient care, in our mission, or how we show up for the Nantucket community to provide help, support, and counseling.

2020 hindsight.

As the new year and new decade unfold, you may find yourself second guessing the past. Looking back in time with those shiny new 2020 glasses can be mesmerizing, but it isn’t very productive. You can look at what happened through any lens you choose, but what matters now is what is happening next.

Will this be the year you commit to your mental health? (Don’t fret about what happened before, or what you did or did not do. Look ahead!)

Will this be the year you find a way to help others? (It is never too late to volunteer to serve a good cause. Here at Fairwinds we have numerous opportunities to volunteer and help.)

Will this be the year you make needed change in your life?

We can help. Our outpatient counseling services, Peer Recovery Coaching, walk-in free clinic for urgent behavioral healthcare (M-F 5pm-6pm), and so much more, are here for you or a loved one in need.

Call us or email us today. We are here. You are not alone.



Blog writer, Vanessa Park, is Fairwinds’ Advancement Director, charged with overseeing development, marketing, communications, and outreach programs. She moved to Nantucket from New York in February of 2019 to join a remarkable team of professionals at an agency that inspired her. Though she is a writer, fundraiser, and bridge-builder—not a clinician—her passion for mental health and community support is lifelong. 

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