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Fairwinds — Nantucket’s Counseling Center
Attn: Advancement Department
20 Vesper Lane | L-1 Gouin Village | Nantucket, MA 02554

One of a Kind

Outsiders see Nantucket as a beautiful vacation destination. But in truth, many of our fellow residents face serious mental, emotional, and substance abuse issues, and are in desperate need of a listening ear and a helping hand. We provide evidence-based approaches for assisting them in recovery and renewal. We offer a vast array of counseling services for our fellow islanders who are challenged by relationship struggles, substance abuse, depression, mental illness and more. Our staff has extensive experience in providing high-quality professional and confidential treatment in a way that addresses each individual’s specific needs.

As the oldest and largest non-profit mental health clinic on Nantucket, we are honored to help propel the development and well-being of our fellow islanders. Because we live in such a small community, teamwork plays a large role in our patients’ recovery process. We provide unique support, tailored to each individual’s unique needs. We have witnessed countless inspiring stories over the years that demonstrate the resiliency and overall strength of our community. Recovery and renewal are indeed within reach.

Our Commitment to Service

Our commitment is to make a meaningful difference in lives of those within our community by empowering them and teaching them how to implement positive changes in an environment of confidentiality and trust. We treat everybody, regardless of ability to pay, including those without insurance or adequate insurance coverage, as well as immigrants, and non-English-speaking clients.

We pride ourselves in our experienced and highly capable staff. We have prioritized organization and goal-setting as critical facets of our business plan, and welcome scrutiny as we continue to improve our financial stability and transparency.


As a 501(c)3 non-profit, we depend heavily on the support of gracious donors and foundations. We gladly accept our obligation to financial transparency and are committed to open and honest relationships with all of our donors and financial partners. While results are often long-term and seemingly intangible, we recognize that metrics are important in measuring our overall effectiveness in serving our community. For that reason, we capture and report metrics across a spectrum of criteria, including clients served, length and age of waiting list, number of workshops conducted, etc., as well as feedback received from our clients and the community of Nantucket. While we never lose track of the importance of the human element, it is our desire and responsibility to measure, to the degree possible, the impact we are having.


We are always eager to forge supportive relationships and collaborative programs with schools, agencies, or other healthcare facilities that share our belief in the pressing need for behavioral therapeutic services.

We pride ourselves on employing the best and brightest within the mental health field. If you are interested in finding out more about our staff, please visit our Staff page. You will also find a list of our organization’s oversight and leadership and our Board of Directors.

Planning & Growth

We realize that strategic financial planning plays a huge role in an organization’s overall ability to grow and flourish within a community. For insights into our 3 to 10-year plans, if you would like to discuss partnership opportunities in greater detail, or for specific individual credentials and background information, we ask that you please fill out a Contact Us Today form to the right and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

We have a variety of donor options regarding funding levels, matching opportunities, and frequency of donations. To learn more about where our organization’s financial support comes from and the systematic scrutiny to which we voluntarily subject our finances, please contact Tessandra de Alberdi at (508) 228-2689 or