Certified Community Behavioral Health Clinic

samhsa logoWe are aggressively pursuing being a certified community behavioral health clinic. We will ensure strict adherence to standards, in order to maintain our certification (once achieved) according to the Protecting Access to Medicare Act or PAMA. The criteria set out in this initiative are intended to extend quality and to improve outcomes of the behavioral health care system within the authorities of state regulations, statutes and state Medicaid Plans.

The CCBHCs represent an opportunity for states to improve the behavioral health of their citizens by: providing community-based mental and substance use disorder services; advancing integration of behavioral health with physical health care; assimilating and utilizing evidence-based practices on a more consistent basis; and promoting improved access to high quality care. Care coordination is the linchpin holding these aspects of CCBHC care together and ensuring CCBHC care is, indeed, an improvement over existing services.

According to the National Council for Behavioral Health website, CCBHCs must offer the following services either directly or through a formal contract with a Designated Collaborating Organization:

  1. Crisis mental health services including 24-hour mobile crisis teams, emergency crisis intervention and crisis stabilization*
  2. Screening, assessment and diagnosis including risk assessment*
  3. Patient-Centered treatment planning or similar processes, including risk assessment and crisis planning*
  4. Outpatient mental health and substance use services*
  5. Outpatient clinic primary care screening and monitoring of key health indicators and health risk**
  6. Targeted case management**
  7. Psychiatric rehabilitation services**
  8. Peer support and counselor services and family supports**
  9. Intensive, community-based mental health care for members of the armed forces and veterans, particularly those members and veterans located in rural areas, provided the care is consistent with minimum clinical mental health guidelines promulgated by the Veterans Health Administration, including clinical guidelines contained in the Uniform Mental Health Services Handbook of such Administration**

*CCBHC must directly provide
**May be proved by CCBHC and/or DCO

While this certification is important to us, we always strive to go above and beyond outlined criteria. Understanding that taking care of the whole person, not just a disconnected aspect of the problem is imperative. Refusal of service to anyone because of inability to pay or place of residence is unacceptable to us. The scrutiny with which we uphold and select our staff is of utmost importance. We guarantee timely access to services and flexibility in scheduling and conduct our business with the utmost privacy and confidentiality to provide a wide variety of services which include mental health, risk assessment and rehabilitation. We promise to continue to make strides for continuous improvement.

Our Partners

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