Our Mission Statement 

We provide comprehensive licensed therapeutic support that fosters mental health through prevention, wellness education, and addiction recovery services.

Sixty Years

About 60 years ago, members of the Nantucket community gathered to discuss the critical need for an organization that could serve as a source of hope for those islanders who were affected by mental health issues. Since that time, under the name Family & Children’s Services of Nantucket, we worked tirelessly to create an organization that could serve as a safe place for our patients and stand as a symbol of hope for the island.


As a non-profit agency with a rich history, we’ve unfortunately experienced challenges in recent years. However, we can proudly say that these challenges have dramatically strengthened us, and the resulting changes have provided us with even greater opportunities to grow and expand our effectiveness and outreach. Our current reputation is one of outstanding moral character and an overall devotion to helping our fellow islanders. Under our new name, with strong leadership and clarity of direction, we are excited about where these fair winds will take us.

As we’ve grown, we have kept pace with changes, and expanded our service offerings to meet the needs of our constantly changing island population. We have also broadened our reach to include a Family Resource Center that provides free parenting groups and helps navigate other local resources. Throughout our history, we have always been focused on the continuing development of an experienced and dedicated professional staff to serve the mental health and substance abuse problems that affect our tiny island 30 miles out to sea. Fairwinds remains the only non-profit mental health and substance abuse agency and counseling center on Nantucket.

For more information regarding our history, services or mission, we ask that you please give us a call or stop by our offices. We would love to hear from you.

Our Partners

Weezie Foundation
William Froelich Foundation
United Way
Tupancy-Harris Foundation
Mass Dept of Public Health
Google for Nonprofits
Community Foundation for Nantucket
Cape Cod 5